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About Financial Wellbeing

Financial wellbeing comes from a sense of contentment that you can afford to fund a meaningful and enjoyable life, both now and in the future.


Your attitude to money was established at a young age by observing your parents’ money habits and behaviours. But some of these unconscious money patterns may now be holding you back from making different choices. You might be so busy working hard chasing ‘more’ that you no longer recognise what is ‘enough’. Perhaps your feelings of self-worth are too closely linked to your net worth. Maybe you were brought up to believe that money is a taboo subject and find it hard to ask for what you are worth.


Whatever your unconscious money patterns, I’ve completed my training with the Money Coaching Institute, and I am now a Certified Money Coach (CMC)®. I can help you identify more positive financial habits and behaviours that will support you moving forward and allow you to explore different choices in your professional and personal life.

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